Commoditizing intelligence through a decentralized AI lab to advance scientific progress and human flourishing.
Empowering developers with distributed computing, state-of-the-art open models and an ecosystem to reach users with their creations. Join our Discord.


Commoditize Compute

Surpass limitations of traditional computing infrastructures using distributed, low-communication training approaches. Enable the training of large AI models using distributed resources, reducing costs and democratizing AI development. Let’s break free of Infiniband.

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Commoditize Intelligence

Build open models like open-source software, allowing continual improvement and model merging. Create a cumulative, additive intelligence development process, riding open source AI progress.

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Decentralize Intelligence

Enable developers to reach users with their creations, from fine-tuned language models, to assistants and agents for use cases ranging from coding to science.

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Nov 2023 - First model merges and training underway, sourcing data and better benchmarks.

Oct 2023 - Official start with the focus on commoditizing compute and models and decentralizing them through an ecosystem of advanced models and agents. Secured our first H100 cluster and compute partners.

Careers: Join us

We are seeking the most ambitious developers to join us in commoditizing intelligence to advance scientific progress and human flourishing through decentralized ai. Please send your code or other proof of your exceptional machine learning work to contact @