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Prime Intellect democratizes AI development at scale. Our platform makes it easy to find global compute resources and train state-of-the-art models through distributed training across clusters. Collectively own the resulting open AI innovations, from language models to scientific breakthroughs.

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Scalable. Cheap. Fast. Introducing Prime Compute.

Develop, train, and scale Al models. In one cloud that aggregates all clouds, and enables efficient decentralized training.

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Find the cheapest and best GPUs.
Compare GPU prices and availability across all clouds based on reliability and speed.
Ready to Use Containers. Deploy any docker image and pre-built ones.
No extra fees. Pay as much as going direct to the clouds.
Less lock in, save money. Manage your GPUs across many clouds in a single platform.
Each cloud is scored on reliability and speed.
Limited spots available
Multi-node GPUs on-demand.
Get 16+ Nvidia H100s or A100s.
decentralized training

Decentralized training.

Enabling accessible and scalable compute.

Advancing the state of the art of training across multiple clusters. Join us to advance novel decentralized training research.


Collectively advancing

the frontier of co-owned AI models.

Large language models

Training large language models like open source software - with continuous improvements.


Agent models

Develop open source models with reasoning, interaction and task-completion capabilities to enable intelligent software agents.


Scientific models

Accelerate scientific breakthroughs through training and funding scientific foundation models across different scientific domains.

Apply with your own AI model ideas

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We are seeking the most ambitious developers to join our team. Please send us examples of your exceptional work.

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