Introducing Prime Intellect

Prime Intellect is building the infrastructure for decentralized AI development at scale. We aggregate global compute and enable researchers to collaboratively train state-of-the-art models through distributed training across clusters.

Prime Intellect is building the infrastructure for decentralized AI development at scale. We aggregate global compute and enable researchers to collaboratively train state-of-the-art models through distributed training across clusters.

Through Prime Intellect, anyone will be able to contribute compute, capital and code to collaboratively train open AI models and share in their ownership and benefits. We envision this enabling a new wave of open AI progress, from community-driven language models to scientific breakthroughs.

Our Masterplan

1. Aggregate global compute (live in beta): Our platform brings together a diverse array of  GPUs, from on-demand, spot to different durations.

2. Develop distributed training frameworks to enable collaborative model development across global, heterogeneous hardware. (In development)

3. Collaboratively train and contribute to open AI models in high-impact domains like language, agents, code, and science.

4. Launch a decentralized protocol for collective ownership of AI models. Collaboratively build towards aligned AGI that benefits all of humanity.

Aggregating Global Compute and Enabling Distributed Training

Our platform (live in beta) aggregates global supply from leading centralized and decentralized GPU providers. This allows us to offer the most cost-effective, scalable on-demand compute. We're preparing to provide access to bigger clusters of 16-128+ GPUs. This scale will enable the development of groundbreaking AI models that were previously out of reach for most researchers and organizations.

We are also developing a framework to enable distributed training across multiple clusters. While there are significant challenges to solve, we believe this is key to making large-scale AI development more accessible. We've begun testing early approaches and are working towards a production-ready orchestration solution.

Read our deep dive into the state of decentralized training.

Intelligence:  Developing Impactful Collectively-owned AI Models

Through Prime Intellect, anyone can contribute resources to train impactful AI models. We are starting with AI model efforts in the following areas. Apply to join our research efforts and receive a fast compute grant to work on some of the highest impact AI research and models.

  • Build large language models like open-source software, allowing for continual improvement and model merging. We envision a future where all training compute can be built upon by everyone so that all efforts towards intelligence are cumulative. (Inspired by Colin Raffel).
  • Build coding agents that automate software development by deeply understanding code, boosting productivity. This paves the path to higher level reasoning and economically valuable work.
  • Create scientific foundation models to accelerate research in longevity drug discovery, materials science and other scientific areas.

Protocol: Enabling Collective Ownership and Governance

The Prime Intellect (PI) protocol offers the infrastructure and crypto-economic building blocks for decentralized AI development. It will reward participants for contributing compute, code, and capital, and enables collective governance of AI models and the value they generate:

  • Scalable, distributed compute marketplaces for accessible, affordable global AI training
  • Collectively owned AI models, rewarding contributions of resources and improvements.
  • Sustainable AI model funding via programmable licenses.
  • Exploring decentralized governance frameworks to align AI progress with collective human values.

Our Investors

We've raised $5.5M in seed funding from investors who share our vision of democratizing AI, co-led by Distributed Global and Coinfund with participation from Compound, Collab+Currency and Juan Benet with Protocol Labs.

As well as exceptional angels such as Clem Delangue (Huggingface), Dylan Patel (SemiAnalysis), Shivani (Nous Research), Riva Tez (Layerzero), Erik Voorhees (Shapeshift), Dcbuilder (Worldcoin), Robert Drost (Eigenlayer), Ben Fielding (Gensyn), IDTheory, Scott Moore (Gitcoin), Andrew Kang (Mechanism Capital), Joe Lallouz (Coinbase Cloud), Tyler Golato and Paul Kohlhaas (Molecule), Bool Capital (Wormhole), DCF God, Fabian0x (Tribute Labs), Steve Waterhouse (Orchid), Sami Kassab (OSS), Yoni Ben-Shimon, Justin Mares, Janine Leger, Gmoney and many more.

The backing of this diverse group of mission-aligned builders and investors accelerates Prime Intellect's development, helping to make transformative AI accessible to everyone.

Founders and Team

Our team combines deep expertise in state-of-the-art AI foundation models, distributed training systems, decentralized AI and science, tokenizing and rethinking intellectual property, DAOs, and decentralized networks.

Johannes' research experience on scalable AI foundation model training at Aleph Alpha uniquely positions us to drive unprecedented decentralized AI development. Vincent's prior experience leading AI and ecosystem at Molecule, as well as co-initiating the decentralized science collective VitaDAO, provides experience in building global research communities.

Join Us in Building the Open Future of AI

The power to shape the future of AI should not be concentrated in the hands of a few, but open to anyone with the ability to contribute. We invite you to join us in building a more distributed and impactful future for AI:

  • If you are relentlessly ambitious and want to make this happen, apply for our open roles.
  • Collaborate on our AI model initiatives.
  • Sign up to contribute compute or capital and earn ownership in groundbreaking models.

Vincent Weisser + Johannes Hagemann

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